Member Services

Members Services

How long have you been a member of the Credit Union?

Does your immediate family members belong to the Credit Union
Who do you consider to be your primary financial institution?

How do you conduct the majority of your transactions? (Check all that apply)
Does the Credit Union offer the products and services I need?
Does the Credit Union staff respond quickly and accurately to resolve concerns with your account?

Is the Credit Union staff professional and knowledgeable about the products and services offered?


Loan Services

Loan Services

What type of loan did you apply for?

What were your top reasons for getting your loan at the Credit Union?
Was our loan staff knowledgeable and professional?
How would you rate your overall experience with our loan staff and your loan process?

Did our loan staff offer you the following products with your loan? (Mark all that apply)
Did our loan staff offer you another loan product? (Mark all that apply)
Were you happy with your loan service

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 Monday - Friday
 Lobby: 8am - 3pm
 Drive Thru: 7:30am - 5pm
 State Payday: 7:30am - 6pm

 2200 Washington St. E.
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 Phone: 304-558-0566
 CU24: 1-866-470-7405
 Bill Payment: 1-844-596-1314

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